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About Us

Ballroom Spirit was founded in 2017 as a way to give back to the community  that we have the privilege of being part of.  It is our way to fulfill the calling to celebrate this special art and sport form.


Here in Ballroom Spirit we rejoice in dedication to passion for art, and excitement for victory in excellence.


We dedicate our support to keep the ballroom dancing developing and reaching new heights for our next generation and keeping it spiritual and life-changing.




In near term our foundation is expanding into several different areas; collaborating with dance competitions, dance studios, dance professionals around the world as well as in our home country - USA.


We have just finished our fist successful collaboration with competition organizers providing young dancers with awards and motivation for working harder, dancing better and achieving more in their dance careers.


We feel that 2019 will bring many more new exciting partnerships and announcements in our newsletter.




We commit to work towards helping dancers achieve more and have more opportunities to gain access to high dance specialists' advice and training.


Our goal is to maintain and increase the popularity and awareness of this beautiful art form.  We envision the possibilities of bringing dance-sport into show business, into children and young adults education, and spread ballroom dancing ideas around the globe.

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