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Ballroom Spirit Workshops

We welcome studio owners to apply for the Ballroom Spirit Workshop grant.  The grant will be up to $500 to cover a workshop up to 90min that’s produced by a dance studio that focuses on children ballroom dance education taught by well respected industry leaders that has an interest to contribute and promote our next generation dancers education.  Once approved we ask that the workshop be actively marketed as one free to all participants under the age of 21 and give Ballroom Spirit Foundation photos of participants and a video recording of the workshop to be made available on our website. We would encourage the topic to be of particularly relevant to the development of young dancers.  To apply, simply email us to include the following:


Topic proposed


Length of program

Cost (will be paid directly to the teacher)



Website of your studio

Contact person information

Statement of the teacher (why I want to teach this workshop and how can young participants benefit from it)

Bio and photo of the teacher

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