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And the winner is...

Lillian Nelson and her partner dancing Cha cha cha
Lillian Nelson & her partner

Just recently we came back from our trip to Dallas, where we awarded our first Ballroom Spirit Story Grant winner and gave away the drawing prize - two brand new Apple AirPods for better dance practices!

We had such a great time in the beautifully organized event by David & Jennifer Kloss. It is great to see the dancing of people from all over the United States of America. Dancing brings friends and family together to enjoy this beautiful combination of sport and art.

We enjoyed reading all of your applications and are touched by your sharing of your ballroom spirit journey. We decided that Lillian Nelson has best demonstrated the Ballroom Spirit and was worthy of our award!

She writes:

“You have worked countless hours for this one moment. The lights hit your face, the music starts and all your worries seem to fade. It is in these moments that everything seems right. No fretting over an upcoming test or worrying about any problems you might have at home. It is a momentary escape from reality, and it is pure bliss, but, eventually, the music stops, the lights fade, and it is over. You accept your awards, fly home, and return to the monotonous rhythm of everyday life, but it is worth it. It is worth the late nights spent at the studio going over that one step hundreds of times to get it just right. It is worth all the lost hours of sleep spent finishing makeup work from when you were gone for a week at a

competition. It is worth being constantly compared to others to push you to be better. All the moments are worth it because they play major roles in shaping who I am and are such integral parts of my life that, without them, I would be nowhere near the person I am today.”

We are grateful to have such amazing applicants sending in their stories and we strongly believe that hard work, discipline and dedication is a big part of becoming a great dancer or teacher in the future.

Lillian continues:

“Without these moments some of my fundamental characteristics such as ambition, diligence, or even patience would be nonexistent. One of the biggest things dance has taught me is, if you really want something, with enough hard work, patience, self-confidence, and commitment you can get it. No champion ever won a title by doing the minimum required of them and hoping for the best.”

Ballroom Spirit Foundation congratulates Lillian on winning the prize and hopes she will continue to work on her dreams every day.

We encourage all young dancers to send in applications to our e-mail address to win Grand Prize 2019 in December.

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