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Dance through Lockdown

2020 truly has been a very challenging year for all of us, especially in dance industry. Competitions cancelled, dance festivals postponed, training camps organized virtually. But still through all the difficulties Sarah Stolarsky & Thomas Zinger keeps their ballroom spirit high and they still believe in dancing and performing. They have sent in this beautiful performance video with music of Pentatonix & Maren Morris “When You Believe”.

Thomas came to Canada when he was 5 years old. While adapting to the new lifestyle, his parents were searching for activities that will keep him occupied. After trying karate and gymnastics, he didn’t enjoy anything. When Thomas started 3rd grade, his brother was invited for a dance class and he joined him. Since that moment, he never took off his dance shoes.

As a young child, Sarah was always very busy with a variety of different sports. After trying swimming, gymnastics and karate, nothing seemed to stick. So, at the age of 7, her mom took her to her very first dance class. At the beginning, dance was something she only did for fun. But as time went on, dancing became a big part of her life.

Thomas and Sarah have been dancing together for 5 years. They are 10-dancers from Toronto, Canada. In 2015, they were both looking for partners. Although, at the time, Thomas was 2 levels above Sarah, they had a tryout and became partners. 2 years later, they left their studio and joined their current coach, Larissa Kerbel, and the team. Their current coaches are Larissa Kerbel, Tatiana Veselkina, and Massimiliano Palladino.

Tatiana writes: "Thomas and Sarah are a young, hard working , and talented couple. I think that they have a promising future ahead of them in ballroom dance. Their dedication is shown through their commitment of dancing both disciplines. Dancing both standard and latin is challenging but as a couple they are able to devote their time despite their busy high school schedules. In the 3 years that I’ve been coaching Thomas and Sarah, they have represented Canada in the World Championships and having participated in a training camp in Italy to further their growth."

This is what they have to say about this year: “Throughout this pandemic, we have continued to train together and virtually. Our coaches have been very supportive during this time, continuing to train us for competitions and events. We have been fortunate to have attended several online competitions, domestic and international. As this period has been very tough on us mentally and physically, we have continued to connect with dancers around the world to spread our ballroom spirit!”

We are happy that Thomas & Sarah even in these difficult times were able to choreograph and prepare a wonderful show-dance video and share their ballroom spirit with us. We are always open to work together with dancers around the world to spread the spirit of dance. Here you can see another beautiful show-dance they have performed in the past -

We hope to continue to dance also in 2021!


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