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Frequently asked questions answered

We have received many questions about our Ballroom Spirit Christmas show-dance competition and we would like to address them here.

  1. What age should the dancers be to qualify? We will accept anybody starting from 1 years old and ending with 21 years old (both partners born 1999 or later).

  2. How long should the show dance be? A show-dance usually tells a story so we allow up to 2 min and 30 sec for this. You can submit a shorter one but not a longer one.

  3. What dance style should we do? It's up to you as long as it is ballroom dancing in either standard or latin style, tricks and lifts are allowed. You can incorporate multiple dance styles and make it more interesting for the audience.

  4. Can people from all countries in the world enter? Absolutely!

  5. Do we need costume? It's up to you. Given it's a show-dance, wearing costume will enhance your performance and makes it more interesting for the audience so we do encourage that. It doesn't mean you need to go to tailor and make one. Just dressing up according to Christmas theme might be enough.

  6. Do I need to hire a professional videographer? Getting good video and audio quality will give people more reasons to like your video. With that said, a good smart phone on a steady tripod should be able to accomplish 1080p video quality without needing professional help.

  7. Can I edit my video? Yes. You can use multiple video angles and some special effects to enhance your video.

  8. How do I get more likes on my video? Invite your friends and family to watch your performance and like it, also share your video on social media to encourage people to support you. We will promote all the competitors on our social media platforms to invite more people to watch your show-dances.

  9. How will the foundation judge the performances? We will follow the criteria listed on our initial post: "The Foundation will award our placement based on creativity, sound and video quality, special effects, storytelling and dance performance".

  10. How many people can participate in a single show-dance? We expect to see two dancers dancing together as partners.

  11. Can I submit more than one video? Yes, but each show-dance will be judged individually.

  12. Is it ok if we dance with masks? Yes. We will respect mask wearing if it's necessary and not deduct any points.

  13. Can I dance outdoors? Yes, you can use any and multiple locations in your show-dance if you choose to.

  14. Is this an WDSF event? No, it's not. This is an independent event organized by Ballroom Spirit Foundation a non-profit organization.

  15. How do I make a donation to Ballroom Spirit? Our organization is a 501C3 non-profit entity. Your donation is tax deductible. Please email us if you are interested in doing so.

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