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Join the Dance Tour now!

The DBDC and I along with the “Ballroom Spirit” foundation are so proud to announce the creation of a new venture for couples under 21 that are competing in the Latin genre of ballroom dancing. We felt that at the moment the under 21 youth are in need of an interesting challenge and one that would benefit youth dancing in America, and that is why we created the Under 21 Ballroom Spirit Latin Tour.

The Ballroom Spirit Latin Tour is a short circuit that includes a total of six competitions commencing with the Ohio Star Ball and culminating at the DBDC in Boston, MA (for the other four events please see the rules.) As stated in the rules that are posted on the Ballroom Spirit website one couple will be selected from each Under 21 Latin competition at the six events listed on the website. These couples will receive up to $500.00 towards their travel expenses at the end of the tour finale, this the foundation feels is important, so that parents and kids from around the USA do not have too much burden participating in the Ballroom Spirit Latin tour. All they ask is that both people in the partnership are under 21 at the time they compete in the finale at the DBDC 2022.

As for the prize money, the Ballroom Spirit Foundation will be sponsoring the sum of $9,500.00 with first place being $5,000.00 (you can see the other amounts for second to sixth places on the website rules.) As you can see the foundation has been extra generous and I hope many of the under 21 couples around the USA will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and that this might help with the cost of dancing as a youth competitor. I hope many of the parents reading this blog will support this wonderful effort by the Ballroom Spirit Foundation, to make this venture, its first of many, a complete success and that their mission of promoting Ballroom Dancing to the youth will flourish and thrive.

With this I urge all of you to study the website and to support by encouraging the under 21’s to participate. All rules are there, if you participate or any of your children participate, read them fully and understand the conditions for the tour and for the finale.

Any questions can be addressed to

I wish the Ballroom Spirit Foundation great success on this amazing venture.

Didio Barrera

Features Editor of Dance Beat Magazine

Organizer of The DBDC and Caribbean Dancesport Classic dance competitions


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