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Ballroom Christmas Spirit show-dance competition (updated)

Dear dancers,

2020 has been a very challenging year to keep our ballroom spirit high during the COVID-19 pandemic; yet the love of dancing and faith in a better future has never been stronger for many of us!  As the holiday season approaches, we invite dancers of all ages under 21 (both partners born 1999 or later) to join us for a Ballroom Christmas Spirit show-dance competition!

We ask you to produce a Christmas themed show dance up to 2min 30sec long. The show can be ballroom, latin or the combination of both styles.  Be creative and be expressive of your ballroom spirit.  We want to feel your passion and get to know you through your performance. Invite as many friends as possible to watch it and like it as you can!  We wish you good luck and enjoy the process! All the videos should be uploaded on Youtube.

To enter, simply upload the video on your Youtube channel and send the link to We will post links of all entries on our website to confirm your participation. Please use hashtags #BallroomSpirit and #ChristmasSpiritStory to qualify. The video title should include your names plus Ballroom Spirit Christmas show-dance. For example, Jack and Jill - Ballroom Spirit Christmas show-dance. By entering the competition you give us permission to share your videos and other information on our website, Youtube channel and other social media platforms. The competition goes live starting from now.

We will announce the winners on December 25th by 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

1st prize - $1000, 2nd - $500 3rd place - $300.

Videos will be judged in two equally weighted parts:

  1. The popular vote defined by the amount of likes on Youtube.

  2. The Foundation’s vote defined by foundation’s criteria listed below.

We will award points to the Top 6 most popular videos from popular vote in this fashion. Foundation will cast its vote in the same way - placing the videos in order starting with the best one in our opinion. The video with most points win.

1st place - 6 pts.

2nd place - 5 pts.

3rd place - 4 pts.

4th place - 3 pts.

5th place - 2 pts.

6th place - 1 pts.

Deadline used for counting the likes will be at 5pm PST on December 23rd. The Foundation will award our placement based on creativity, sound and video quality, special effects, storytelling and dance performance using the same points system, allowing the maximum combined score to be 12 for the first place winner. The highest three combined scores will be the award winners. If two videos get the same amount of combined points, the video with more likes on Youtube breaks the tie and will be announced the winner.

We will give you the prize money via Paypal so make sure to have an account set up. All prize money awards will be paid out after the announcement on December 25th.

If there are any questions you would like to ask us, send us an email to

Here you can find all accepted entries up to date. And here is a link to frequently asked questions section.

Good luck dancers!


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